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WOD – 6:00pm


Warmup: 3(10) overhead squat, with PVC 3(10) pullups – I did 10+3 blue band, 20 green band 3(10) back extensions, on back rack WOD 5 rounds for time ideally 75 double-unders 400 M Time: 25:12. Not bad, a bit over 5 minutes per round. The jump rope portion: I think I got at least 80 […]

I went in to make up the class that I missed due to illness. I think this was harder than Fight Gone Bad. Pre-warmup / Post cooldown – the 10 minute walk Warmup 3 (10) Box Jumps – I actually did ALL of the box jumps without hurting myself! So proud!!!! 3 (20) single-unders. As […]

Walkin 10 minutes there and back (of course) Warmup 3(10) pullups – green. May be time to move to blue 3(10) situps 3(10) squats – full range of motion Workout – Fight gone bad 3 rounds 1 minute each box jumps (or box steps for me) push press – 35lbs row for calories – between […]

Pre-warmup – 10 minute walk (as usual) I was feeling really anxious. About the class. About life in general. Just one of those days Warmup 10 shoulder-throughs 10 squats 10 pushups – legit ones! Yay!!!!! Felt pretty strong too! 10 situps 4 rounds Burgener Warmup I felt like I was finally figuring out the timing. […]

WOD – 5:30am


Pre-warmup – 10 minute walk to gym. It’s very peaceful that early in the morning Warmup 5 per side dumbell snatch – 15# 10 box dips 10 per side walking lunge 10 pull ups – green band Felt pretty good with the pull ups this morning. If I feel this good next time, I may […]

Still only 75%, but OK enough to function. Very nervous about going into today’s CrossFit session. Spent the time before class praying I wouldn’t 1) throw up 2) pass out 3) too disgusting to contemplate Turns out I missed a lot of excitement Monday. – Dave rolled his ankle – Tim busted up something – […]

Currently fighting a stomach bug. Thinking CrossFit – not such a good idea today. Bummed, because my Wednesday workout went so well. I seem to be pretty good at heavy and slow. I am a bit disappointed in myself because I had grand plans to do the Friday workout last week. My first WOD! Thursday […]