WOD – 5:30am Prisoner Workout


After 2 days of dragging ass, I felt pretty energetic this morning.


3 rounds
10 Overhead squat

10 Medicine Ball Cleans #12 medicine ball (thanks for the tips Seamus…hopefully I’ll remember them next time I encounter this exercise)

20 double-unders – or in my case 40 single unders because after initial success, I am now incapable of doing a double-under to save my life. Need to find that Again Faster video on double-unders again….

WOD – Prisoner Workout
10 rounds
10 burpees
10 pushups – knees

Burpees were quickly reduced to – get down on the ground, get up from the ground by any means necessary. Repeat 10 times.

Found that goal control really helped with this one, especially as I got more tired.
This worked really well for pushups. Knock out 3 – rest for 3 – knock out 3 – rest for 3 – knock out 4 – go to board -add a hash – move to next round.

18:45 Rxed

Ahmed helped to pace me (not on purpose).


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