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Pre-WOD A whole mess of stuff I wasn’t sure what it was. Run 400m WOD Dips done with blue band (really shoulda done black. You are wimping out on yourself) Chest to Overhead 35lb. Started with 55 – got that overhead once. If the body is not achy starting out – do 45 next time. […]

Hey Lindsey! Thanks for partnering and the pic. BTW – those numbers are deceiving. She did the workout with great form. Me….erm….not so much. ————————— Pre WOD 500m Row 2 rounds 5 pullups (blue band) 10 pushups 10 situps 10 squats 10 SPT 10 Overhead Squats (PVC) Overhead Squats 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 22 – 32 – 37 […]

WOD – 5:30am


Pre-WOD 5 min jumprope. 5 attempts at double-unders 3 rounds 10 pushups (straight – good form) 10 spt 10 pvc squat cleans 10 situps 10 pvc straight-leg deadlifts (trying to stretch the back) WOD 4 rounds – 1 minute each exercise Row (calories) – 35 Power Cleans – 32 lbs – could have gone up […]

Warmup Run 1 lap (200 m) Handstand on wall – only made 5 sec 1st time. Haven’t done a handstand since I was, erm, 10 maybe? 10 situps 10 ring dips (black band 5/5) 10 1 leg squats each leg (ring supported – thanks Brian!) Handstand on wall – 30 sec! Woot!!!! 10 GHD situps […]

Pre-WOD – Purchase new kicks (Nike Frees) at Pacers – Walk from Clarendon (.5 mi) DIY WOD 5 rounds for time 20 pushups – (1st 25 straight leg, good form. Rest knees) 20 squats 20 full range situps on exercise ball (touch back of ball – touch front of ball) 12 min. This includes falling […]

Jon’s POSE workshop – AWESOME! I’ve been videotaped running before. Had to do a “Running” instructional video as part of my master’s in Instructional Technology. Who did the running in the video? The only non-runner in the group (me). The video got an A and, from what I’ve heard, is still being used as an […]

WOD – 6pm


Pre WOD 500 m row – casual 3 rounds 10 overhead squat PVC 10 pullup – blue band 10 ring dip – black band (yay!) There seems to be a mental block on the pull-ups. Like I’m almost scared to do 10 in a row on the blue band. I’m so close. Don’t know what […]