WOW – Fishin’, Boatin’, and too much Drinkin’



Workouts consisted of the following:

– 2 rounds of golf
– One 5 hour fishing trip with a successful 21″ and 18″ bass catch. They were mighty tasty too.   Of course – the picture is of the 21″ bass.
– Numerous 12 oz curls.
– More swimming than I’ve done in years. At least a couple hours almost every afternoon (except the fishin’ trip day)
– Waverunnin’
– More boatin’
– More fishin’ off the back of the houseboat. Successfully caught a stick, a tree, Doug and the Waverunner.
– Meteor-staring.
– Sleeping (that houseboat was mighty soundproof – thankfully).

An active vacation.

Hell on the diet though.

Too many Lucky Charms and potato chips. Too much beer. And the unfortunate discovery of the wonders of San Pellegrino Limonata soda with vodka.


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