WOD – 5:30am Dip and Press


A whole mess of stuff I wasn’t sure what it was.
Run 400m

Dips done with blue band (really shoulda done black. You are wimping out on yourself)
Chest to Overhead 35lb. Started with 55 – got that overhead once. If the body is not achy starting out – do 45 next time.

15 Dips
15 Chest to Overhead
12 Dips
12 Chest to Overhead
9 Dips
9 Chest to Overhead
6 Dips
6 Chest to Overhead
3 Dips
3 Chest to Overhead



4 Responses to “WOD – 5:30am Dip and Press”

  1. How did you get away without running the mile??

  2. They removed the mile from the WOD before the 5:30am class.
    …much to Brian’s chagrin and everyone else’s glee….

  3. Awesome time! I think mine was 11:25.

  4. Wow! I would probably still be there if I tried it with 55lbs.
    Nice work!

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