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Pre-WOD Brian’s hoedown breakdancing group warmup Joined the remedial hamstring kids in some PNF stretching in an attempt to stretch my legs from 2 days of running. WOD – “Gwen” Clean & Jerk 15-12-9 55# for all reps. Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. […]

Pre-WOD 3 rounds 40 single-unders 10 SPD 10 PVC squats 10 kb swings (#25) – need to move up on next warmup 10 situps 10 box jumps – may need to try this with a 45# plate next warmup WOD 800 m warmup 2000m – 10:31 – 1000m 5:10 – 1000m 5:21 5 min rest […]

Didn’t get the 2nd workout in while I was in Orlando like I had hoped. Did a LOT of walking instead. May have been a good thing. This morning, the body (pre-workout) feels better than it has in awhile. Pre-WOD Group Warmup (10 min) WOD 6×400 m 1st – 1:43 2nd – 1:45 3rd – […]

The Disney Yacht and Beach club has a nice weight room. Lots of cardio machines. Lots of circuit equipment. A nice selection of dumbells (up to 50 lbs) and a racked barbell. (BTW – typing in the dark sux) The heavyweight Crossfitters would find this frustrating (don’t expact to set any weight PRs here). For […]

The neck is sore. Not sure if it is residuals from low back squat day, sleeping on it funny or both. And virtual shoveling is an excellent metaphor for what I get to spend time on at work today. Perfect (note sarcasm here). Pre-WOD Brian’s group workout. 5 min ring work. I can stay on […]

Pre-WOD Brian’s group workout Pullup work. Got 3 (with rest in between) no band WOD 10 m – 1 min 20 m – 1 min (touch ground on each side) 30 m – 1 min (touch ground on each side) Repeat until you can’t finish. 13 rounds 130m – 1 min (last time – 10. […]

Cindy AMRAP 20 minutes 5 pullups – jumping . Not much leverage, no bands and struggled every round with the 5th, so I am ecstatic about this! 1st 3 rounds palms out. rest – palms facing 10 pushups – knees. My arms were thrashed after the pullups 15 squats 14 rounds Surprised I was as […]