DIY WOD 5:40pm – Cindy


AMRAP 20 minutes
5 pullups – jumping . Not much leverage, no bands and struggled every round with the 5th, so I am ecstatic about this! 1st 3 rounds palms out. rest – palms facing
10 pushups – knees. My arms were thrashed after the pullups
15 squats

14 rounds

Surprised I was as strong on the squats as I was since my quads were sore today from the low back squats.
Still fighting the blood pressure headache from low back squat day too. Came back with this workout. Pushed through it.
I was going to be happy finishing 10 rounds. The fact I got all the way through 14 (with seconds to spare) thrills me.


Just took a look at the first time I did Cindy – Foundations, Day 1.
In 10 minutes I got through 4 rounds + 3 pullups with the green band.



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