WOD 5:30am – 800m, pullups and virtual shoveling


The neck is sore. Not sure if it is residuals from low back squat day, sleeping on it funny or both.

And virtual shoveling is an excellent metaphor for what I get to spend time on at work today. Perfect (note sarcasm here).

Brian’s group workout.
5 min ring work. I can stay on the rings unsupported. Dips, right now, not ready yet.

For time
Run 800m
Virtual Shoveling, 45/25 lbs
Run 800

I did
Run 800 m
30 pullups blue
30 virtual shoveling – 35# barbell / 15#
15 pullups blue
15 virtual shoveling – 35# barbell / 15#
10 pullups green
Run 800 – walked for 50 meters and a good looking guy with a black eye said “come on! not much longer now!”

21:20 for what I did.
Big ol’ DNF for the workout because I ran out of time – have to be at work early.

Also note – eat dinner later than 4pm if working out the next morning.


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