WOD 5:30am – 400m Intervals


Didn’t get the 2nd workout in while I was in Orlando like I had hoped. Did a LOT of walking instead. May have been a good thing. This morning, the body (pre-workout) feels better than it has in awhile.

Group Warmup (10 min)

6×400 m
1st – 1:43
2nd – 1:45
3rd – 1:41
4th – 1:44
5th – 1:45
6th – 1:46
(these are approximate)

Post-WOD – 5 min stretching

Really happy with these times considering I was the pacer for the first 4 rounds. Then Christy realized that she really IS faster than I am and paced the last 2.

So next goal over the next 3 months – 400 M consistently under 1:40.


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