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A moderate WOD for a lazy day. 5 rounds for time 10 squats 10 situps 10 pushups (knees) 7:00 Advertisements

Took Wednesday as a rest day. Though it’s a running WOD today, I wanted to see whether there was an Endurance class in the afternoon. This way – I can still attend Friday’s WOD. WOD – Half Angie 50 pullups (jumping. Most done palms facing. Took me about 5 minutes to get through this piece) […]

Pre-WOD Jumprope skills Yes jumprope – you and me are going to be real tight in Spring 2010…….. Group warmup WOD Back Squats 5-5-5-3-3-1-1 85-95-105 (5 reps) 110 – 115(f) -110(2 reps) 115-115-120 All of these are PR! Form on the 120 – pretty terrible. Didn’t get low enough. After a series of crappy workouts […]

Big thank you to Chris K at Potomac CrossFit for pointing to this resource. Really useful benchmarks for fitness. I think I almost have all of Level 1 complete. Running (actually – any cardio) will be the last conquered…..

Pre-WOD Group Warmup WOD AMRAP – 15 min 15 barbell lunges (total) – 35# 10 pullups – green 7 + 10 lunges Post-WOD Move weight plates and boxes. Just didn’t have the stamina to scale up on the pullups. Felt dizzy and feverish after the first couple of rounds. Only thing I can figure is […]

Pre-WOD 1 lap with 15 lb plate 2 rounds twist lunge w/ 15 lb plate down gym 10 hspu – using tall box 10 situps 10 min pullup work WOD 6 rounds for time 10 Front Squats 10 Push Press 1st round at 42# rest at 32# 11:02 Not sure what was up – but […]

I had a mental health day and an unused yoga mat. Time to make a foam roller!!! Need – 1 cheap and unloved yoga mat that you are willing to sacrifice – 2 feet of 4 inch pvc pipe. Home Depot sells this in pre-cut 2 foot pieces. Cost me $6.03 with VA tax – […]