WOD 5:30am – Pullups


I took 4 days off. Exhaustion (I think I’ve been fighting a niggling bug that has just left me crazy-tired) and healing up some small injuries.
Almost didn’t make it this morning, but lazy was becoming a habit.

5 min jumprope. Poor Seamus trying to teach me double-unders when I am struggling with single-unders.

3 rounds
15 pushups
15 back extentions
10 knee to elbows
walking lunges down the gym


Weighted pullups

I scaled.
1st 3 – regular pullups. LOTS of rest in between those 3 pullups. Didn’t get the 4th – even after lots of swinging.
all other reps – negatives. Hold for 3, down to 5 count or more.

Brian challenged us to focus on 1 thing we suck at every day this next month. My challenge – pullups.
Goal – 5 in a row without stopping.


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