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Pre-WOD group warmup 2 rounds 10 lunge kickup on parallettes (handstand progression) 10 box jumps 10 dynamic leg 5 pullups 10 sec candlestick WOD Back Squat 5-5-5, 80% of 1RM 85-95-105 Focused on form and activating glutes and hamstrings. Felt pretty strong and may have been able to do another round at 115. Figured I […]

Taking a rest day, but I wanted to work on core strength. Finding imbalances in my posterior chain (probably from bad squat form) and my abs. Pre-WOD 5 minutes with the foam roller – focused on the back, quads and hip flexors. WOD 50 situp/toes behind combo 5 rounds plank – 1 min hold hip […]

Pre-WOD Brian’s patented group warmup Stretching stuff WOD Clean 3-3-3-3-3 55-65-65-65-65 My hips in the squat felt loose. Little to no strength. Talked to Brian about it. Diet (no surprise and I agree with that assessment) and probably the need for more rest. I also need to really concentrate on getting the elbows up and […]

After a sucky day at work I wanted to drink 3 gin martinis (olives, up). Instead, in the name of health, I decided to do the following: Pre-WOD 3 rounds 5 tuck jumps 5 lunges, each side 5 dumbell hang squat cleans 15# ea side 5 power squat snatch 15# ea side WOD 4 Rounds […]

An actual, honest-to-pete snow day!!!!! Trying to remember the last time I actually HAD one of those. Pre-WOD Walk uphill in the snow 0.5 miles. 3 rounds 10 16# medicine ball cleans 6 strict pullups 10 12# thrusters WOD Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 55-75-85-95-85 (PR at 85!!!!) Press 1-1-1-1-1 52-57-62 (PR) -67(f)-67(f) Finisher 50 burpees – […]

Remove car from 2 feet of snow by any means necessary for time 45 minutes. I managed to find in our building’s common area – 1 large broom – 1 orange snow shovel Managed to get the driver side and back of the car completely clear. Went inside for hydration. Someone else claimed the tools. […]

Pre-WOD – Scour apartment and storage areas for shovel. Fail in finding one. – Scour apartment for snow pants, gloves. Success. – Tromp 1 block in 22″ of snow to grocery store – Return 1 block in 22″ of snow from grocery store with 5lbs. There may be a shoveling WOD yet…if we ever find/beg/borrow/steal […]