WOD 9:30am – Cleans, OHS, Pullups


Brian’s patented group warmup
Stretching stuff


My hips in the squat felt loose. Little to no strength. Talked to Brian about it. Diet (no surprise and I agree with that assessment) and probably the need for more rest. I also need to really concentrate on getting the elbows up and staying back on my heels. If I don’t have the elbows up and I’m not back on the heels, I am trying to do too much with the quads.

Rest 5:00min

For Time:
7 sets of 4 each
Overhead Squat, 35 lbs – did this light because I was so uncomfortable with my squat today.
Chest to Bar Pull-ups – jumping off of 2 45 lb plates. Last few rounds – getting my chin over the bar on the 4th rep was brutal.

5:47. VERY happy with the time.


I hung out afterwards for the following:
– Hip Flexor stretching – the evil leg to wall thing. Definitely helps.
– Kipping work. Been working on the jump from box progression. Brian showed Josh and I a couple of other things that will help.

So my plan is to do nothing but mellow core/skill/stretching work until Monday. I have a feeling my body is telling me to rest – even though it is not terribly sore, just loose. Too loose. NO strength. Would like to let everything heal up a tad before I hurt myself.


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