WOD 5:30am – Back Squats, Pullups, Dips and Rowing


Looks like I couldn’t escape rowing this week after all.

Brian’s group warmup

Reason why I never became a percussionist – Lack of rhythm and the ability to have one arm do one thing while another does something else. Please don’t make us do the “spin one arm front and one arm back” thing at 0530 ever again. k. thx.

5 rounds for time
2 Back Squats, (70% 1RM) – 105#
4 Pull-ups, strict, no band
8 Dips – slight toe assist

Row 1000m – 4:37
15:06 total

Back squats felt reasonably good. Slight discomfort in the left knee.
Pull ups, 1st 2 rounds strict, no kipping. 3rd round – 3+1 kipped. 4th round – 2+2 kipped. 5th round, no band by any means necessary. Done on the high bar.
Dips – felt strong the first couple of rounds, no assist. Went to hell rounds 3-5. 5th round was a disaster.


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