DIY WOD 7:30am – TacFit Recruit Program 1 Mod Intensity/Form


6 exercise warmup – 1 min per
6 exercise tabata sets – 8 rounds per, 20 sec on / 10 sec off
6 exercise cooldown – 1 minute per

Moderate Intensity / Form work
I am watching the form videos between each exercise

Pushups – 35 Perfect form – elbows in. Spine. Didn’t start resting chest to floor until round 4.
Lunges – 81 Stepping mid-foot rather than heel. Was subconsciously stepping with heel.
Plank knee – 44 Very focused on elbows in. Seems to work a different set of arm muscles this way.
Sit through – 94 Noticed that he keeps every move close to the body. No flailing elbows.
Spine – 64 Breathing
Tripod – 64 Don”t let shoulder sag.

Rate of Perceived Exertion (1-10, 10 = hardest ever) – 6
Target: 5-7

Rate of Perceived Discomfort (1-10, 10 = worst pain ever) – 2 Arms and elbows in the pushup and plank knee. Moving pushups to the 1st exercise was a good idea.
Target: 1-3

Rate of Perceived Technique (1-10, 10 = best possible form) – 9 Very focused on technique. Found some things to work on next time.
Target: 8-10

Comments: Took this one pretty slow to make sure I had the technique down. General technique tip for all exercises – keep the arms and legs close to the body. That focus seems to work different muscles from the ones I’ve been working so far.


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