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Pre-WOD Rolling out sore hamstrings Burgener warmup WOD Hang squat snatch 7 at 32# 1 at 42# Boston Mike spent a lot of time working with us on start position. Also finding I am beginning to get better balance at the top so I can squat faster. Yay! Power Snatch 5 at 42# 2 at […]

I had planned to take today as a rest day – but today’s workout was just too good to pass up. Tomorrow…definitely…..must rest…. Pre-WOD Jump rope work – double unders were a bust. Maybe got 5 – 1 at a time. Row 250m 2 rounds – 10 ring pushups – 10 ring Vs WOD Bench […]

Pre-WOD Group Warmup WOD Filthy 30 30 Box jump, 4 45# plates to work on cycling. Plates felt too unstable to really get a rhythm. Back to the box. 30 Jumping pull-ups – full shoulder extension 30 Kettlebell swings (1 pood – broken into 15-10-5) Walking Lunge, 30 steps 30 Knees to elbows (7-7-7-9) 30 […]

Aaron was kind enough to let me sit in on his Endurance classes this spring to make up the final 4 sessions from last summer. 2nd WOD of the day…. Pre-WOD 15 minutes cussing at jumprope Managed to string together 6 rounds of 4 s-d-s-d-s-d-s-d WOD 1K warmup – 5 min or so Group work […]

Pre-WOD Group warmup WOD Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 35(5)- warmup, 55(3) – warmup, 85(3)-105(3)-105(3)-95(3)-105(3) 105 felt really heavy. Started getting better depth. Goat work Best double-unders this morning – 6 at s-d-s-d-s-d 1 HSPU (Brian assist – thank you) 5 Handstand negatives on plates.

Love standing in the rain. No really. Truly. Thankfully – it stopped raining before the race. I cross when the timer said 28:48. I’ll post the official time once I get it. Curious to see whether I actually beat the 28 minute mark. The first 1000m pretty much consisted of dodging people. I started well […]

Dr. Andy and I have gotten into a pattern. We are also spending a lot of time talking about random stuff, so I don’t quite remember what we wind up doing – exercise and treatment-wise. The important thing is that Dr. Andy’s techniques really work. More mobility in my neck. More strength in my shoulders […]