ART Visits #4 and #5 – Getting into a pattern


Dr. Andy and I have gotten into a pattern. We are also spending a lot of time talking about random stuff, so I don’t quite remember what we wind up doing – exercise and treatment-wise.

The important thing is that Dr. Andy’s techniques really work. More mobility in my neck. More strength in my shoulders (an overhead PR at 90# yesterday! Good times!). The hip pain is disappearing.

Still not quite ready to do things like jump from knees to full squat – no hands. (Tried that the first time Thursday. ow.) Also still a bit nervous about dynamic weighted squat movements. That said – there is huge improvement. I suspect that within the next month – dynamic squat type moves will be no problem.

For what the “goo” looks like in the body – here is a link to Dr. Gil Hedley’s The Fuzz Speech. (via San Francisco Crossfit – Kelly Starrett)
Warning: Real cadavers were used in the making of this video….

Took a look at today’s workout and decided an extra rest day was in order. Would have been a different story if I didn’t have that 5K on tap for Sunday morning. Confused as to why I feel guilty about this.
Jon PCF and I had a brief chat at the gym about training goals. Often, it’s easier for me to communicate what I am thinking in writing vs. trying to talk over the distracting chaos of the gym. After a bit of email back and forth, I’ve managed to clarify my goals for this next training cycle:

+ Get 10 double-unders (no singles in between) by July 15, 2010
+ Get 135# overhead by any means necessary by November 22, 2010.

The brunette with the glasses cussing at her jumprope in the corner…..that will be me over the next couple of months.
The next training cycle (May – August 31) will see me at PCF in the evenings a bit more frequently.

+ I’ve got 4 more endurance sessions with Aaron from last summer. I plan to knock those out over the next few weeks and not think about running again until September outside of WODs.

+ I plan to take one of Jon’s OLY lifting seminars this summer…now that hockey and bowling season are drawing to a close. I’m hoping that the technique work will help with the strength.

+ If the last couple of weeks are any indication – I’m going to need to move my work hours up a bit. A major part of my job is online tutorial development and voice-over work. The only quiet time I get for sound recording is in the wee hours (before 8am). There are a number of tutorial development projects on deck this summer. I figure if I can get in 2 mornings and 2 afternoons per week, I will be doing great! (Still love ya Brian PCF!) Besides – mixing up the workout plan can only help.
Still digging the TacFit Commando bodyweight exercises. The program seems to be helping with my body awareness and coordination in ways that complement CrossFit.

The TacFit program also makes a great sub for days when I am just not up for the intensity that I feel CrossFit demands. I don’t want to come to the gym and dog it in front of my PCF peers. I’d rather dog it at home – then document my lack of work effort for eternity instead. At least that way – no one is watching. 😉


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