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Deadlifts, overhead squats and golf yesterday made my back sore. Of course, the fact that I was stiff-legging the deadlifts (Again. Thanks Deadlift Mike for pointing that out) probably didn’t help matters. Pre-WOD 2 minutes groaning on Wendy’s Homemade Foam Roller ———————————————– Moderate Intensity Warrior Lunge – 72. Noticed that Coach Sonnon has his legs […]

Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope Best: 3 d-d-d Ugh. Most of the time I could only get 2. This did not bode well for the WOD Pre-WOD Group warmup WOD Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3 105(warmup) – 135 – 155 – 185(f) – 165 – 165(1) – 165(2) – 155 MetCon 10 Overhead Squat 35# 75 single-unders […]

Brian gave me a new project. Just in time too – training has felt a bit unfocused since the 5K. After our conversation this morning, and at his request, I took a look back at my 1 rep max on the 3 power lifts. The numbers are pretty grim. Back Squat – 125 since 1/18/10 […]

Goat Work – the dreaded double-unders Best: 5 d-d-d-d-d Could regularly get 3 d-d-d. Not certain if this is progress or not… Pre-WOD 2 rounds 10 assisted pistols 10 pullups 5 HSPU negatives. Did 1 partial + 1 Brian assist. According to Brian – I need to focus more on my core. 30 sec samson […]

Monday’s WOD – 18 holes walking + carrying clubs for time around Rock Creek Golf Course. 3 hrs 15 min. I won’t embarrass myself by announcing my score. The past year of CrossFit has made it much easier to walk a very hilly course with clubs on my back. I barely broke a sweat. Last […]

Moderate Intensity Warrior Lunge – 80 Swing Plank Knee – 51. Managed to stay down. Need to focus on staying near ball of foot. Hip does NOT go down on this exercise. Airborn Squat Shin Assist – 80 Spiderman Pushup Knee – 64. Wrists felt stretched on this one. Need to focus on elbows close […]

Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope Best – 13 d-d-d-d Also managed to get a number of 6 d-d-d-d This was all done with one of the PCF wire ropes Making progress…… Pre-WOD Run 400m and group warmup WOD This was a really small group – so I had a chance to putter around a […]