DIY WOD – TacFit Commando Recruit Program 3


Moderate Intensity
Learning the new moves. Watched video between each tabata set. Focused on form.

Warrior Lunge – 80
Need to focus on picking up the foot each rep. If I just twist and drag my feet, my feet wind up out of place – potentially torquing the knee.

Swing Plank Knee – 20
This will be my trouble exercise for this program. Having a tough time keeping coordinated and low. Elbows must stay close to body. I need to get low on the extension. Thighs shouldn’t fully rest on the squat portion. Overall – an exercise with no real “rest”.

Airborn Squat Shin Assist – 78
I need to focus on minimizing the assist. I seem to be strong enough to almost perform a 1 legged squat – foot back.

Spiderman Pushup Knee – 48
Most of the time here is spent in hand placement. Focus on elbows close to body.

Shinbox Twist – 64
Twist needs to be sharp.

Table lift – 64
2 exhales. Make sure I am fully extended on the table.

Rate of Perceived Exertion (1-10, 10 = hardest ever) – 5. Moved slowly to groove in form.
Target: 5-7

Rate of Perceived Discomfort (1-10, 10 = worst pain ever) – 1. Right shoulder feeling tight today.
Target: 1-3

Rate of Perceived Technique (1-10, 10 = best possible form) – 9. All except the Swing Plank Knee – which was a 5. This will be the pose I need to work on since it apparently starts building the strength and coordination for later moves.
Target: 8-10

Comments: Decided this was a good morning to begin learning the new moves for program 3. Next high-intensity workout will be program 2 to finish that cycle of 8.


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