DIY WOD – TacFit Commando Program 2 Recruit


High Intensity

Twist Lunge – 105. Lost balance on some reps. Hips a bit sore this morning. Need to focus on mid-foot balance.
Revolving Table– 80 HIps to sky.
Scorpion Crucifix– 128
Bear Squat– 90
Rocca Forearm– 125 Huge improvement on this exercise since starting. Knees still not locked, though.
Bridge Clap– 175

Rate of Perceived Exertion (1-10, 10 = hardest ever) – 9.
Target: 8-10

Rate of Perceived Discomfort (1-10, 10 = worst pain ever) – .1.
Target: 1-3

Rate of Perceived Technique (1-10, 10 = best possible form) – 8. Slightly bent knees on rocca forearm starting round 4. Bit of form breakdown in bridge clap (going too fast – need to get hips up higher on the missed reps). Mid foot balance on the twist lunge.
Target: 8-10

Comments: Got a bit sloppy when the speed was a bit higher than it should have been to maintain form. Feel good about this particular program and the progress made.


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