WOD 5:00pm – Snatches


Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope
Best – 13 d-d-d-d
Also managed to get a number of 6 d-d-d-d
This was all done with one of the PCF wire ropes
Making progress……

Run 400m and group warmup

This was a really small group – so I had a chance to putter around a bit and really focus.

Snatch Balance work
3 sets of 3 at 32#
2 sets of 3 at 42#

This was all working on speed under bar. Doug H encouraged me to focus on getting down quick and not bouncing the bar off my shoulders so much.

Jon gave me some advice on breathing (suck in abs + glutes really hard, breathe in, perform!). My main focus will need to be keeping tight at the bottom.
Some singles at 52#
A couple singles at 62#
After a try or 2 – a couple successful singles at #72. One with serviceable form, not the push press / overhead squat with a snatch somewhere combo

Hang Squat snatches
A couple hang squat snatches at 42#
After one attempt – a successful hang squat snatch at 52#
After a couple ugly attempts – a successful, if ugly, hang power snatch at 62#

After digging through my records, these appear to be PRs. The 72# is a PR by 20#.

Jon – thanks for encouraging me to keep putting weight on the bar.

And to the mystery person with the blue oly lifting shoes that Jon and Alison encouraged me to borrow. Thank you….my socks were clean 😉


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