DIY WOD – TacFit Recruit Program 3


Monday’s WOD – 18 holes walking + carrying clubs for time around Rock Creek Golf Course. 3 hrs 15 min. I won’t embarrass myself by announcing my score.

The past year of CrossFit has made it much easier to walk a very hilly course with clubs on my back. I barely broke a sweat. Last year – I would have been wheezing my way around the course. Or used a cart.

Shame CrossFit can’t help me with my short game 😉


High Intensity

Warrior Lunge – 94. Better balance this time.

Swing Plank Knee – 61. Too high (arms).

Airborn Squat Shin Assist – 103, Need to reduce assist.

Spiderman Pushup Knee – 77

Shinbox Twist – 95 Started a bit sore in the back and obliques. This managed to loosen the tightness out. Good stuff!

Table lift – 88. Arms felt saucy about 1 round in.

Rate of Perceived Exertion (1-10, 10 = hardest ever) – 9. Especially on the arm work. Went for speed + form on the leg work.
Target: 8-10

Rate of Perceived Discomfort (1-10, 10 = worst pain ever) – 1
Target: 1-3

Rate of Perceived Technique (1-10, 10 = best possible form) – 8. Still having issues with the swing plank knee.
Target: 8-10

Comments: Arms got a workout today. Hope they are not too sore tomorrow.


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