New Project – Wendy does Wendler 5-3-1


Brian gave me a new project. Just in time too – training has felt a bit unfocused since the 5K.

After our conversation this morning, and at his request, I took a look back at my 1 rep max on the 3 power lifts. The numbers are pretty grim.

Back Squat – 125 since 1/18/10
Press – 65 since 1/20/10
Deadlift – 175 since 1/28/10

I hadn’t worried about the lack of progress in the power lifts since I was progressing in other areas (most notably running, kettlebells, and a recent snatch balance PR). I also figured that my strength to weight ration increased since my bodyweight decreased (currently hovering around 120). Still – it was starting to look suspicious….

So for the next 9 weeks, I will be providing numbers to Brian tracking my progress with Wendler 5-3-1.

Here is my spreadsheet – for the morbidly curious….

The plan is to do Back Squats on Mondays, Press on Wednesdays and Deadlifts on Thursdays. This will replace the weight section of those WODs. I would then do the scheduled MetCon for that day. I tacked on 5 minutes of jump rope because that is the goat I am currently herding.

Brian and I talked about doing Jon’s Oly lifting class in tandem with this program. Brian’s concerned about over-training. He’s probably right (usually is).

I’ll be curious to see how the numbers turn out at the end.


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