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Goat Work – Jump Rope Best: 14 d-d-d Got a couple 9 d-d-d and a couple 6 d-d-d. Took awhile and some warmup to get started. Pre-WOD 1 lap – really need to work on Pose form 3 rounds 10 ring rows 10 ring dips – 1st set strict 3-3-2-2, 2nd set – 1st 5 […]

Goat Work – Jump rope Best – 23 d-d-d-d Also got 3 sets of 8 d-d-d and a few sets of 2s and 3s. Quit after the 23 so I remember what a really good double-under set feels like. Pre-WOD 3 rounds 10 OHS / SPT 10 KB swings 1 pood (2 rounds, 1 round […]

Comcast is out at home. Cable, Internet, Phone – kaput. According to the nice customer service people, there is a 53% outage that no one has defined as an outage yet. Thank goodness for working at an office some days. Allows me to feed my evil internet addiction. —————————– Goat Work – The fabulous, wonderful […]

Not as hot in the box as yesterday. Still pretty warm. Thank you Dan for the attempt at air conditioning. What little cool air existed was much appreciated. Goat Work – The happy jump rope Best:11 d-d-d Got 6 3x and some 2s and 3s. My shins were sore early. BTW – the new jump […]

A pose you will catch few CrossFitters in. Goat Work – Jump rope 22 d-d-d-d Got 2x at 16 d-d-d-d a couple of 6. Many 3s. Good stuff Pre-WOD Watched Bikram CrossFit (must have been 100+ degrees in the gym). I’m glad I watched instead of participated. Footwork drills WOD – Oly Class #5 Clean […]

Goat Work – Jump rope 3 d-d-d Not my day. Just couldn’t find rhythm Pre-WOD OLY Footwork OLY speed squat work 20 pushups 3 pullups WOD Wendler Back Squats 5 reps – 45# 5 reps – 60# 5 reps – 70# All reps done as fast as possible. 3 rounds 10 Hang Squat DB Thrusters […]

Goat work – The fabulous jumprope 21 d-d-d OMFG! Also got a 8 d-d-d and a couple 3 d-d-d before the big 21! I decided to quit while I was ahead. Pre-WOD Group Warmup. Duck walking sucked. Stupid toe. BTW – 0530 crew, there has been a Nicole S sighting at the 1800 WOD. She […]