WOD 5:30am – Press + Running


Paleo Cleanse + lack of sleep + jacked up for a conference. This ought to be good…..

Jog 250m
no jumprope today. Just didn’t have it in me….

Wendler – Press
65% 5 reps – 40#
75% 5 reps – 45#
85% max reps – 50#, 8 reps. Could have done a 9th with push press, but that would have defeated the purpose.

Run 1000m – 5:00 appx
Run 1000m – 4:30ish

These are approximate times since I did the run early and didn’t have my stopwatch with me.
I am working / reporting a conference at George Mason U this week. If you are an eLearning junkie and morbidly curious, you are welcome to go to my professional blog.


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