WOD 7:00pm – DL, Box Jumps, Power Cleans


Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope
Best: 9 d-d-d-d-d. Managed to get a 6 d-d-d and a 5 d-d-d plus some 3 d-d-d
Used the PCF wire ropes. Maybe I ought to switch back and see if my jumprope is the problem.
Still have a feeling it’s the operator….

2 rounds
10 OHS
10 SPT
10 30# kb swings
3 pullups (these sucked – arms still smoked from Angie)

Finally had a chance to try the assisted muscle-up with the bands. Interesting. I think I spent more time tangled up in the band. Also almost had a clothing malfunction in front of Dan as my shirt got caught.

Wendler – Deadlifts
5 reps – 105#
5 reps – 120#
max reps – 135# (8)

3 Rounds
10 Power Cleans (55#)
20 Box Jumps (4 plates to work on cycling)

Dan – thanks for the tips and feedback on the cleans.

I really don’t think I am any faster with lower plates. Trying to work on bounce off the bottom. Managed to string together 3 box jumps that appeared reasonably bouncy-ish. Meanwhile – the girl next to me is cycling box jumps in half the time. A goat to herd later.
Had a chance to talk to Tim, one of my Foundations classmates between workouts. Since I do morning and he does evening, we don’t see each other at the box very often. He’s been working on one-handed handstands. We talked about pullups and the progress we’ve made over the past year.
Good stuff.


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