WOD 5:00pm – Back Squats, Hang Squat Snatches, Jumprope


3 rounds
10 15# plate squats
10 35# push press
10 35# bb back extensions (these felt pretty good)
6 pullups – I really need to work on muscular endurance on these.

Wendler – Back Squats
3 reps – 80#
3 reps – 90#
max reps – 100# (19) Left to my own devices, I would have happily quit at 10. With Brian egging me on and Dan watching – I got 9 more than I even thought possible. Thanks Brian – I needed that 🙂

3 rounds
10 Hang Squat Snatch (35#)
120 single unders (wasn’t even going to attempt double-unders today)

Taking Dan’s advice to not squat quite so low really helped the turnover for the hang squat snatches. Still not very fast under the bar.
I also need to retire those Pumas. Those things really throw my balance and my feet feel like hell afterwards. Too bad – they are cute. Back to the Vibrams and Chucks.


One Response to “WOD 5:00pm – Back Squats, Hang Squat Snatches, Jumprope”

  1. Nice work on the 19 reps!

    I took a look at your Wendler Spreadsheet, everything looks like it’s tracking and about where you should be (based on my experience so far).

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