WOD 5:00am – Shoulder Press, Handstand Holds, Situps


Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope
Best: 7 d-d-d (2x)
Managed to get 5 d-d-d (2x)
PCF wire

10 ring pushups – these felt pretty easy. Now need to work on turning the hands out.
10 OHS. Legs are tanked after the past 2 days.
30 sec samson stretch
10 pullups

Wendler – Press
3 reps – 40#
3 reps – 50#
max reps – 55# (7)
The first 5 went up easy. Form dropped precipitously on the 6th. Almost didn’t get the 7th up. Tried to get a quick turnaround on the 8th – no go.

5 Rounds
30 Seconds Handstand Hold
30 Seconds of Sit-ups
74 – All handstand holds done for entire time (hooray!). That last round felt looooong.


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