WOD 6:00pm – Back Squats, Ring Dips + OLY Class #1


An extra-long WOD today. Good thing I took 3 days off.

Goat Work – the dreaded jumprope
Best: 9 d-d-d Managed this twice.
Also got some 6s and under. Used PCF Wire rope.

1000m rowing
3 rounds
– 10 SPT
– 10 OHS, worked on speed coming out
– 10 toes to bar – done straight leg. Need to minimize the swing
– 6 ring dips
– 10 very strict pushups. No stopping

Wendler Back Squat
5 reps – 85#
3 reps – 95#
max reps – 105# (10 reps). Probably should have tried 110#

Ring Dips – max weight
BW, no toes, strict

Chad told me I need to rest more between sets. He’s right. I am blowing through the Wendler workouts. I need to be more patient when working with heavy weights.
With Matt – I experimented with weighted ring dips. Got 1 at 5#. Overall very happy with this workout.

OLY Class #1
– Worked on
+ Goblet squats
+ Plate squats
+ “Squat Therapy” – I can do 2 plates without dropping and good form. Just need to remember butt back first.
+ Some footwork drills – Gotta work on my fast twitch
+ The evil overhead squat press drill.
– Watched Jon do 27 burpees in an attempt to get rid of a verbal tic…..Right? 🙂


2 Responses to “WOD 6:00pm – Back Squats, Ring Dips + OLY Class #1”

  1. 1 Jon M

    Haha. There will be payback for this public embarrassment.

  2. My only advantage is that I have editing tools to get rid of my numerous verbal tics when I train. Hooray for online asynchronous training!

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