WOD 6:00pm – Misc Dumbbells and OLY Class #2


Dear Jon PCF:
I see your ‘right’ and raise you a ‘so’, some ‘um…s’, and an inability to remember the English language.
– BTW: Nice work on removing ‘right’ from the vocabulary. A reminder that I need to pay more attention to my own.

Goat Work – the dreaded happy, friendly jumprope
Playing nice with the jumprope worked!
16 d-d-d-d TWICE!
At least 2 rounds 10 d-d-d-d
At least 2 rounds 6 d-d-d-d
Niiice jumprope goat. Look at the pretty pen with your friends – running, pullup and pushup!

800 m row
Group warmup with 10# dumbbell

5 rounds
5 Dumbbell deadlifts
5 Dumbbell hang cleans
5 Dumbbell push presses
5 Dumbbell squats
Rest as needed. Don’t put the dumbbell down between exercises.

Made an attempt at 35# on the 4th set, but I couldn’t get the Hang Squat Clean.
Really happy with this. Paid attention to Chad’s advice from yesterday and gave myself ample rest. Spent the last set working on form.

OLY Class #2
Lots of information.
Started with goblet squats and dumbbell overhead squats

Jon’s exercise progressions:

1) Behind and under the bar – I need to work on speed and keeping tight at the bottom
– Overhead squat
– Pressing snatch balance
– Heaving snatch balance – remember not to move your feet
– Snatch Balance – from jumping to receiving

2) Front to overhead – Having issues with the hang to overhead, especially that upward lift and keeping the hamstrings tight vs. the knees
– Scarecrow – Muscle / Power / Squat to work on turning the wrists over correctly and catching in the right position
Burgener warmup – need to master this to get that upward lift portion accurate.

Lots of info and the time went quickly. Sorry I am going to be missing tomorrow.


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