WOD 6:00pm – DL, Power Cleans, Squats, Pushups + OLY Class #4


Goat work – The fabulous jumprope
21 d-d-d
Also got a 8 d-d-d and a couple 3 d-d-d before the big 21! I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Group Warmup. Duck walking sucked. Stupid toe.
BTW – 0530 crew, there has been a Nicole S sighting at the 1800 WOD. She smoked me on the duck walk.

Wendler Deadlifts
5 reps 125#
3 reps 135#
max reps 150# – I got 8, which was at least 5 more than I thought I would get when I started.

3 rounds
10 Power Cleans #42 – Dan really wanted us to scale for time (4-7 minutes). Got all sets unbroken.
25 squats – My toe is still bothering me on moves that require huge jumps or sideways torsion of the feet.
20 strict pushups – Didn’t start the drunken cobra until 10 into the 2nd set.

OLY Class #4 (missed #3 due to last night’s John Butler Trio concert. Worth the miss.)
400m row – warmup
10# dumbell snatch drills
35# barbell snatch drills

– The first pull is almost a stripper move. Knees back, butt up, then raise the bar.
– Part of my snatch balance problem is the bar traveling too far forward. The fix – behind the neck presses to groove positioning, then trying the snatch balances.
– I’m still slow. This is going to take a lot of work to get confident enough to move quickly into a squat.
– Still not entirely comfortable I’m doing the breath thing right. Need to ask Jon about that on Monday.
– I cuss a lot.

3 days off will be well-earned. Hopefully, that will give the toe time to finish healing.


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