WOD 6:00pm – Back Squats, KB Swings, Thrusters + OLY class #5


Goat Work – Jump rope
3 d-d-d
Not my day. Just couldn’t find rhythm

OLY Footwork
OLY speed squat work
20 pushups
3 pullups

Wendler Back Squats
5 reps – 45#
5 reps – 60#
5 reps – 70#
All reps done as fast as possible.

3 rounds
10 Hang Squat DB Thrusters 20#
10 KB swings 40#
Heaviest KB I have ever attempted to swing. Really proud of this one. Unbroken the first set. Unbroken thrusters, 5-3-2 KB the 2nd set. Thrusters 3-3-4, KB 2-3-5 the 3rd set.

Oly Class #5
Had a heck of a time recuperating from the MetCon. Spent lots of time yawning the 1st half trying to get oxygen. NOT a reflection of Jon’s teaching.

Clean drills with PVC
– Scarecrow Muscle Clean
– Hang Muscle Clean
– Hang Power Clean
– Hang Squat Clean

Clean drills with 35# bar – started with 12# bar, but Jon made me go heavier.

10 Hang Squat Cleans – unbroken 55#

Good times.


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