WOD 6:00pm – Bikram CrossFit + Oly Class #7


Not as hot in the box as yesterday. Still pretty warm.
Thank you Dan for the attempt at air conditioning. What little cool air existed was much appreciated.

Goat Work – The happy jump rope
Best:11 d-d-d Got 6 3x and some 2s and 3s. My shins were sore early.
BTW – the new jump rope organization = good stuff!

Footwork drills.
Group Warmup

Wendler – Press
5 reps 27#
5 reps 32#
5 reps 37#
My press tends to drift out. Need to fix that.

20 Hang Squat Cleans 32#
400m Run
15 Hang Squat Cleans 32#
400m Run
10 Hang Squat Cleans 32#

All Hang Squat Cleans unbroken and solid form. Focused on quick elbows and rapid under the bar. Erika noticed I’m now a lot tighter at the bottom of the squat. Also very happy with the time. I went into this WOD having 2nd thoughts about even attempting it since it was so bloody hot out. Glad I did it.

OLY Class
Split stance
Split jerks
Vocabulary quiz

What I learned today
– Split stance challenges my flexibility. Got better during the course of the class – but it will take me awhile to get comfortable with it.
– My perfectionist streak comes out at strange times. At least this time I chose a more acceptable 4 letter word
– When wearing flimsier clothing than normal – it is best not to stand in front of the fan. Especially if you have a self-consciousness problem.


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