WOD 5:30am – Wender Press


Goat Work – Jump Rope
Best: 14 d-d-d
Got a couple 9 d-d-d and a couple 6 d-d-d. Took awhile and some warmup to get started.

1 lap – really need to work on Pose form

3 rounds
10 ring rows
10 ring dips – 1st set strict 3-3-2-2, 2nd set – 1st 5 strict, 3rd set – toe assist
10 supermans

Wendler Press
5 reps 40#
5 reps 45#
max reps 50# – 10 reps. May have been able to eke out 11, but I didn’t want to push it to light-headedness.

No Metcon

I felt I needed to get back in the gym after Monday’s drama so that I wasn’t scared of lifting heavy things. Had a low grade headache through yesterday.
Thankfully, nothing some Excedrin couldn’t fix.
Really focused on breathing at the top of the press and keeping tight in the core to avoid Monday’s episode.
I feel much better.


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