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At the request of Brian PCF (though I had planned to do this before he asked), my deep Wendler thoughts. – Needing to come into the box on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays made my workout schedule much more consistent than it had been in the past. I didn’t have any excuses to sleep in, skip […]

Goat Work: Yesterday’s Paleo (yup – still on the wagon) WOD 3 rounds (one round was brutal enough…..) 3 minutes AMRAP Fence Burpees 4 minute AMRAP 8 lunges (I think we were supposed to jump them, but my hips said no) + 40 yard plodding to the other side of the field 2 minutes AMRAP […]

Now that the great Wendler experiment is done, the jump rope goat has been temporarily herded into a pen, and my life is about to get muy chaotic – it is time to start planning my next workout cycle. Initially, I wanted to do another round of Wendler – this time with Overhead Squats, more […]

Goat Work: Yesterday’s Paleo (back on the wagon) Goat Work: Jump Rope Best: 15d-13d-13d Pre-WOD 5 min jump rope 2 min wall misery 1 lap 2 minutes KB swings at 30# 2 min barbell stretch WOD Wendler DL – 1 RM Day 125 (3) – 155 – 175 (former PR) – 195 (PR) – 205(f) […]

Thanks Brian PCF and Abi for the equation. 1RM = Weight + (Weight * Reps * .03333) Last week in the press I did 6 reps of 60# 60+(60*5*.0333) = 70 Beat the theory by 2.5# today. Love it!

Goat Work: Monday’s Paleo Tuesday’s Paleo Yes – I cheated. Buying your 1st house is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I made it through 17 days uber-strict. Happy with that. Back on the wagon today. Goat Work: Jump rope Best: 16d-17d-23d Yay! Pre-WOD Group warmup WOD Wendler Press – 1 RM 55-65 (former PR)-70-72.5 PR by 7.5#! […]

At the request of Tim M – my foundations classmate….here are my thoughts on the Vibram 5 fingers from 1 year’s worth of experience. – It takes a bit of getting used to having stuff between your toes – My toes get tangled when jump roping. This is a function of operator error and lack […]