WOD 5:30am – DL, Clean and Jerk


Goat Work – Jump Rope
Best: 11 d-d-d
Having a tough time getting 2 in a row again. Thinking I should do more warmup before going right into jumprope in the morning.

Group warmup

Wendler DL
3 reps 110#
3 reps 130#
max reps 145# – 15 reps. Again, the headache threshold was the limiting factor.

Clean and Jerk – singles
55-75-80-75. Made an attempt at 95, but it was too much of a jump and I didn’t have time to work up to it.

Death by Clean and Jerk
5 rounds at 75#.
Made it 5 reps into the 6th round and missed the 6th clean. I will take it.


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