WOD 6:00am – PCF Bootcamp


Run 1 lap around playground / volleyball section of Quincy Park

5 rounds 3 min each
3 burpees
6 kb thrusters (30#)
9 kb swings (30#)
rest 2 min between rounds
15 rounds + 11

5 minutes tug of war. Losing team does 10 squats per loss.
My team only lost once + we accidentally rolled one of the other team members onto the kettlebell being used as a center mark. Thankfully, she’s ok.

Smartest thing I did: bring a little chalk ball that I purchased at Casual Adventure. Otherwise, I would have beaned someone as my kettlebell went flying across the lawn.

Overall: Super fun! Hope my schedule will allow me to do it again next Friday.
Ryan PCF, Liz PCF – great work on this program!


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