Wendy’s Vibram 5 Finger Thoughts


At the request of Tim M – my foundations classmate….here are my thoughts on the Vibram 5 fingers from 1 year’s worth of experience.

– It takes a bit of getting used to having stuff between your toes

– My toes get tangled when jump roping. This is a function of operator error and lack of coordination on my part.

– Also find that for high repetitions of high impact activities (jump rope, box jumps), if you are a leadfoot like me, you can get sore in the legs pretty fast.

– You have to work towards running in them. I won’t do much more than 400m in them because I still have crappy POSE form and heel strike way too much. Made the mistake of doing a longer distance running WOD in them early on. Had to ice my lower legs for 3 days. Personally won’t do a long run in them again (like, more than 400 meters) – but many runners swear by them. Their trick – lots and lots of shorter runs and practice to get used to the feel, to build foot strength and to groove better form. My next endurance cycle, I will make it a point to do it in the Vibrams to get my feet used to them.

– Dig them for static lifts – esp deadlift. I feel I get much better contact and feel for the ground. Also like my Chucks for that purpose.

– Not so fond of them for OLY lifts. Prefer my Chucks for the stability and that slight bit of cushioning when you jump into receiving position. Currently experimenting with lifting shoes (thanks Erin!)

– Best shoes ever for PCF Bootcamp. More traction than the Chucks. Washable (it can get a bit muddy). Seems to make a big difference on the uneven terrain when doing the activities at the Bootcamp (burpees, kettlebell work, sprints, general mucking about).

Conclusion: For general WODs in the box – I’ll grab my Chucks before any other shoe. They seem to have the best multi-purpose CrossFit functionality for my foot. And they are danged comfortable. And they come in lots of colors (I think there will be a collection in my future). For PCF Bootcamp and playing outside – the Vibrams.

Hope this helps.


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