WOD 5:30am – Press and Handstand Work


Goat Work:
Monday’s Paleo
Tuesday’s Paleo
Yes – I cheated. Buying your 1st house is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I made it through 17 days uber-strict. Happy with that.
Back on the wagon today.

Goat Work: Jump rope
Best: 16d-17d-23d

Group warmup

Wendler Press – 1 RM
55-65 (former PR)-70-72.5 PR by 7.5#!

As Brian said….”It’s like this shit works!”

And to make my coaches (Brian and Jon) even prouder, I ditched the 5k run.
May do sprint work later today to make up for it.

Did 3 handstand negatives on the parallettes.

Talked to Brian about handstand pushup progressions. He recommended that I focus on negative to depth vs. trying to do partials. Makes sense – building strength through range of motion. So my homework is to figure out a way to get stable depth at home. And it looks like my first home construction project may be a set of parallettes.


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