DIY WOD 8:30am – Run and Gymnastics


Goat Work: Paleo
Fridays Paleo – managed to do crabs without beer. Small victory.
Saturday’s Paleo – great until the birthday party for my 1 year old niece.

10 Handstand Negatives

Found that my pullup / pushup bar plan won’t work. The support bar is places right where my head should go.
Found an OK sub in 2 cookbooks – The Gourmet Cookbook and Gourmet Today. Both slightly higher than a 45# plate.
The memory-foam pillow goes in between.
This will be the setup until I finally get around to building some parallettes.
4×0.08 miles (or 4x128m) – done around the baseball stadium at Quincy Park. Vibrams and grass.
1 – 41sec
2 – 41sec
3 – 39sec
4 – 41sec

Been awhile since I did sprints beyond 50 meters. Forgot how much these sucked.
10 rounds
tuck front lever (6sec hold)
flat back tuck lever (6 sec hold)

LOTS of rest in between – to shake out my arms and get my equilibrium back.

Front levers – Really feeling this in my shoulders. Particularly when I have to create some swing to get into the position in the first place.
Have to really focus on hips even with shoulders in both positions – particularly the back levers.


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