WOD 9:00am – HSPU and Roy


Not often I make it into the box on a Saturday. I was thinking of handstand pushups. This gives me a great excuse.
That, and I missed deadlifts.

OHS / SPT while listening to my knees crack.
Talked to Tim M about Vibrams v. Chucks and front/back levers.
Group warmup with Brian Wilkins (He is going to be an AWESOME coach!)

5 Minutes Max Handstand Push-ups/Negatives/Holds
Started with the parallettes. Took me a few attempts to get up – then….hoo boy – that is HIGH. Chickened out on the negatives. Did a 15 second hold as I calculated whether I wanted to risk the negative
Reverted to handstand negatives with 2 45# plates per side. This was about right and a good next step scale.

β€œRoy” scaled
5 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (95)
20 Box Jumps (1st 2 rounds, 3 45# plates. Jon M added a 4th plate on the 3rd round. Overscaled again.)
10 Pull-ups – low bar from ground 1st 4 rounds. High bar from low box last round (for slightly more jump)


Deadlifts unbroken for 1st 4 rounds. Broke it into 10 and 5 the last round.
Box jumps – OMG, I can actually cycle these without the windup!!! Even with 4 plates. Only almost wiped out once πŸ™‚
Pull-ups. This devolved into singles really fast. One of these training cycles I am going to focus on kipping and cycling these buggers.

Lots and lots of encouragement from Wilkins. Thank you.


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