DIY WOD 11:15am – Gymnastics Miscellany


Backing out of the Warrior Dash – they moved it 3 hours away. I have to attend a wedding that afternoon. Result: not happening.
2nd result: bagging the running goals. That – I am not so disappointed about.

I’m going to focus more on the gymnastics stuff in my off times instead.
Done while watching Top Gear. Because Top Gear is awesome. And because James May is my idea of eye candy 🙂

James May - Eye Candy

The workout was more for skill practice and to move around than anything else.

20 situps
20 butterfly situps – focused on stretching the hip flexors (yesterday’s workout + 18 holes of golf necessitated some stretching)

10 rounds – 6 seconds per hold. Done during commercial breaks.
tuck front lever
skin the cat to flat back tuck lever

Playing a little bit with the back straddle lever. May not be quite parallel enough to the ground, and probably a little too piked. But I think I may be able to do that one soon.

5 Handstand negatives – The Gourmet cookbook on one side, Gourmet Today on the other. Both 4.2″ thick. Memory foam pillow in between. I knew my old cookbook collection would be good for something (other than cooking). Focused on going really slow at the weak part of my ROM.


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