WOD 5:30am – Snatch, Dip and Swing


Group warmup (because I don’t remember what we did)

5 Rounds
7 Snatches (32#)
14 Ring Dips – tops of rings at shoulders
21 KB Swings (30#)

Did full snatches because it was just as easy(?) as hang squat snatches below the knee for me.
Thought about trying 42# for this and realized my legs weren’t going to function like that today. Interesting, because they were not nearly as sore as they were yesterday. Just no strength in them anymore.

Time for a rest day.


2 Responses to “WOD 5:30am – Snatch, Dip and Swing”

  1. I read your post on Jon’s blog and just wanted to say congrats! That is very inspiring and keep it up. It is terrific the results you have gotten and the strength with in to keep pushing! Continued to success and health!

    • Rick – it means a lot that everyone at the box has been so positive about the article and so supportive during the entire CrossFit process. Thanks for the positive feedback. See you at the box.

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