WOD 5:00pm – DL, Thrusters and Pullups


Attempt to get my legs to stop being so sore for 15 minutes.
Group warmup

2 rounds
10 ring-assist pistols
1 min shoulder stretch
10 35# push press
1 min foam rolling the quads
3 strict pullups


105(5) – 155(5) – 175(5) – 185(3) – 185(2) PR for 5 and 3 reps!!!!

3 Rounds
5 Thrusters (65#) – iffy range of motion on the squat portion of that program.
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups — blue band. All but 2 actually chest to bar. Really worked range of motion on this.
Overall: Harder than it looks.

It means a lot to have so many people come up to me at the box and tell me they liked the article I wrote for Jon.
I’m so glad it helped. It’s nice to know that those feelings are universal – even if the journey is individual.


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