WOD 5:30am – Snatch Balance, Wall Balls and Jumping Pullups


Get my lower body working. This morning – quads and low back
Brian PCF’s new toy – the agility ladder
PVC work
Snatch balance work

Snatch Balance
3 sets of 2 – 12#
3 sets of 2 – 32#
3 sets of 2 – 42#
Worked on speed under bar. Still slow.

15 Minute AMRAP
15 Wall Ball (8)
15 Jumping Pull-ups

1st round – wall ball + ring rows (’cause Lisa stole my setup)
2-4 – wall ball + jumping kipping pullups, high bar, high box
4-6 – wall ball + high bar, high box
7-end – wall ball + high bar, low box, 2 plates because Brian decided I had overscaled by 2″ Those 2″ make a difference.

Total – 9+23 reps (all wallball, 8 pullups)
Molly and I talked about goal-setting during the 5:00pm WOD yesterday. I wrote this on my “professional” blog when I was about 3 months in. Between watching the coaches and navel-gazing at my own education – I take a lot from my CrossFit experience and apply it to my professional life.

Thoughts on Goals

Jon PCF pointed to a Derek Siver’s post that talks about expectations. A reminder that training, of any sort, is a two-way street. If both go into the experience with high expectations and high motivation – magic can happen.


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