WOD 5:30am – DL, OHS, Burpees and Pullups


Day before the big move. Can’t afford to thrash anything…..

2 rounds – 20# db
10straight leg deadlift
10 round back deadlift
5 per side OHS (this did NOT feel very good)

lax ball work

warmup – 85(3) – 135(3) – 135(3)
work – 165(3) – 165(3) – 165(3) This felt pretty solid.

4 Rounds
7 Overhead Squats (35#) – Very low weight to not hork my back. Focused on knees out since I’m noticing a lot of knee drift in my squats recently. Took the opportunity to focus on form.
14 Lateral Jump Burpees
7 Pull-ups – high bar, low box. Managed to string together 3 kipping pullups and a few sets of 2. Need to reduce the box to 4 plates for less jump.

Tomorrow – a day’s worth of deadlifting.


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