Xfit Casa de Floyd – Run Stupid Gringa Run!


10 x 65m (0.04 mile) Hill Sprints. Basically from the blue water thing to my mailbox.
Elevation Change – 13 feet (Thank you MapMyRide.com!)

1- 24.18 Father and son across the street. Father giving son a haircut.
2- 22.36 One of the female members of the family enters her red car. Begins to use her cell phone.
3- 21.63 The hispanic family across the street notices the crazy gringa running up the hill. Father and son start to watch.
4- 21.83 The female in the red car notices the crazy gringa running up the hill.
5- 22.25 The mother (I think) comes out to watch
6- 22.42 Another sister enters her blue car. The women start a conversation in their respective cars while watching the crazy gringa run up the hill. This conversation continues through round 8.
7- 23.73 Now the brother comes out to watch. The female in the red car apologizes for the conversation between the cars while blocking the road.
8- 23.52 I wave at the 4 person audience on the front yard.
9- 23.97 The sister in the blue car leaves. The sister, still in her red car, watches me run up the hill.
10- 23.87 At this point, I have an audience of 6.

I suspect if I do this workout again, there will be bets placed.


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