WOD 5:30am – Snatches and Ring Pushups


Snatch drills
Stretchy stuff

Snatch Balance
42(2) – 62(f) – 42(2) – 52(2)
Just puttered around this morning.

AMRAP 10 minutes
15 Power Snatches – 55#
10 ring push ups

3+6 Rx’ed
Christy encouraged me to do the Power snatches at Rxed weight.
It’s only 3 pounds more than what you have on the bar. It’s NOTHING.
Thanks Christy – I would have wimped out on this one.
Afterwards – Brian PCF informed me I was muscle-snatching the bar. Guess I’m stronger than I thought.

The ring push ups felt very solid. Even happy with my plank through all 30 reps. Almost used this as rest time. Almost.


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