WOD 10:00am – Overhead stuff and Burpees


How I’m going to track this month – turn it into a game!
So far, I’m not doing so well 😦
I’ll blame it on starting late.

Tracking again with Daily Burn

My focus will be on performance – so no weighing myself or my fat percentage this time. To me, I’m looking and performing better with higher body fat. Not interested in deflating my chest again.

Max Pullups – 7
Run 400m
LOTS of hip and shoulder work

Freddy’s Revenge
5 rounds
5 push jerk 70#
10 burpees

Did 1st 3 rounds of push jerk unbroken. 4th round – 3/2. 5th round 2/2/1
VERY happy with this. Time to move up in weight. Actually surprised I didn’t have to strip – much less make it through the workout that fast.


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