WOD 10:00am – Modified Nate


Lax ball work

Run 400m before and after
3 rounds
5 kipping pullups (kip work)
10 squats
5 strict dips
5 strict pushups
5 per side 10# db sotts press

Modified Nate
3 false grip ring rows
3 dips – 1st 3 rounds strict. Rest jumping
3 handstand negatives – 1st 3 rounds 2 45# plates, rest 1 45# plate
8 40# db swings

10 rounds + 2 false grip ring rows

Used this as skill work. Got more work in than anticipated. And the swings felt much better than expected.
Dumbell swings at weight feel better than kb swings. Thinking it’s the grip and I don’t get as much uncontrollable momentum with the dumbbell. I’ll need to experiment with this more. Maybe do more heavier weight DB swings during workouts and see how that translates to the kettlebell later on.


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